On July 8th, 2018, a mysterious letter marked 'READ ME' appeared at the Prince Charles Cinema in central London, hung over a velvet seat in the downstairs screen. A colleague palmed this message and carried it upstairs with him, passing me at the kiosk.

Even in motion, I recognised the bold blue font on it's outer edges immediately, and let out a subdued shriek. I had seen a post on Reddit some weeks prior that matched this message precisely. It was dated June 11th, 2018.


11.06.18 / almost 2pm



This secret message was written on a very crowded northern line train, I barely have enough space to move my pen to form words, Earlier I accidentally wrote on someone's arm and they were displeased because they prefer their skin at the default setting of ink-free. Do you have a tattoo? I don't.

12.06.18 / 11:15

So now I'm on another train, another day. I ate some watermelon yesterday, I bought it several days before and was angry when I first opened it because on first inspection it seemed to be dry, and the watermelon is the epitome of anti-dry. It's like 80% water, like the human body. Waterhuman. Please write to me about your experiences with watermelon or something else:


This message was fresh - an immediate connection to something strange and wonderful that formerly existed only within the bounds of the internet. The letters were scrawled across the page.


08.07.18 / 20:40


I'm on the 29 bus. There's a guy with a hat covered in feathers. I think if I stay on this bus it will basically take the same amount of time as getting off at mornington crescent to get the tube. I just got confused and thought it was August, I'm a bit worried as the cut on my leg isn't healing. It was due to a bike and chaotic behaviour following last friday's cape party. Have you ever worn a cape? Tell me please.


I pocketed the letter, secured it to my mirror at home, and thought of Amélie 

tracking down the anonymous man who collected discarded photo booth pictures.

July came and went.

On August 1st, a new letter appeared at the Prince Charles, draped across event planners in the foyer. Once again, it reached my hands. I read it.




01.08.18 / 15:30


This is a secret letter written on the victoria line, I was in stoke newington earlier. I was just thinking that Dalston / stoke newington is probably my favourite part of london. Yes I could say I'm in a pretty good mood. My local friend will be at my doorstep at 19:45 with a mysterious gift he said just was thrown through his letterbox this morning. I'm intrigued, could be anything. He said it's not alive. Do you like letterboxes? I remember a few years ago when someone I was dating made me a treasure hunt. He wanted the prize to be collectable, at the post office for the final step, (so he included an old credit card so I could pretend to be him via ID, identity fraud but only temporary). Anyway he needed for the gift not to be posted through the letterbox, so they'd bring it to the post office to be collected. he told me he cemented the letterbox with clay, and when the postman tried to post it he angrily made eye contact. Write 2 me: LIZARDMESSAGES@HOTMAIL.CO.UK

I asked if I could take this one home too.


'You're the only one that wants it.'


It took me two days to get in touch.

The line went dead.

I scoured the internet for remnants of the Lizard, only to unearth that initial letter and a single hashtag on Instagram dating back to April 2018. 

I contacted the original poster on Reddit - a gentleman named Adam, and asked if I could provide an envelope and stamp to have the letter he found sent to me. Perhaps, I thought, I could start building a collection.


Have other people contacted you saying they've found letters too?

The @LIZARDMESSAGES Instagram page was opened on August 4th, 2018. If you find a letter, please pass it along via Instagram, or to dustykeeney@gmail.com.

If you yourself have not found a letter - please do not contact the Lizard.


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