Issue 2

August 2020

In this issue:

Aiden Lloyd photographs the national guard and waves of protesters during the black lives matter movement in Hollywood, California.

Marouane Joubba virtually captures her hometown of Raval, Barcelona while quarantined abroad during COVID-19.


Auburn Reed tells her story of drug addiction through an old friend in Encinitas, California. 


James Pritchett explores visual identity and ownership through Supreme clothing in Soho, London.

Olivia De Chiara collects varied haircuts across New York City.

Reuben Ross tells the history of Amadou Bamba, Café Touba, and street vendors in Dakar, Senegal.


44 pages / A5 size / £5

Limited print run of 100

Issue 1
April 2020

This issue compiled street photography shot by Dusty Keeney in London and New York from 2018 to 2020. 


Each zine came with a limited edition 8 x 6" print (1/25), and it's very own hand stamped envelope.


32 pages / A5 size / £4

Limited print run of 100


This issue is now SOLD OUT, but you can view it for free at the following locations:

Photobook Cafe, London

Nottingham Zine Library

Edinburgh Zine Library

Glasgow Zine Library

Barnard College Zine Library, New York